Benefits and Treatment Application


Because of its powerful anti-oxidants, Argan Oil hydrates, nourishes and restructures the skin by penetrating the skin’s essential layers: the dermis and epidermis.

BONUS: It also helps treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes, minor burns, and chapping

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Argan SeedsHAIR

As a hair treatment for men and women, Argan oil stimulates the production of keratin, an essential component of the hair. In addition to softening the hair and scalp, it brings back shine to dry brittle hair, damaged by the elements.

BONUS: It also helps against dandruff and hair loss

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Our hands are the highest exposed area of our body, subjected to sun, wind and other irritants. Since our hands are so visible to the world, it’s more difficult to hide the signs of aging. Argan oil prevents and can lessen the appearance of age spots. When mixed with lemon juice, Argan oil can strengthen the nail beds. When applied regularly on the feet, it reduces painful embarrassing cracking.

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Due to its unique properties, Argan oil is an ideal anti-aging serum, able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. At the cellular level, Argan Oil stimulates the essential exchange of oxygen.  It defuses the harmful free radicals and protects the inner layers of tissue.

BONUS: Argan oil can also lessen stretch marks

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